Minuteman® Phenom 18 Inch Upright Commercial Grade Vacuum Cleaner L18115


Minuteman® Phenom 18 Inch Upright Commercial Grade Vacuum Cleaner L18115

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Minuteman® Phenom 18 Inch Upright Commercial Grade Vacuum Cleaner L18115

The Phenom is brushing and vacuuming all in one operation, that means deep, thorough and gentle carpet cleaning. Brushes thoroughly and quickly removes dirt that clings to the individual carpet fibers and ensures an optimum cleaning result, even on areas subject to heavy wear. The telescopic suction pipe and the flexible suction hose make it possible to vacuum curtains and furniture problem free. Clean sensitive areas with the germ-reducing Fibro filter (standard).

No tool required brush change out. Adjustable brush height for aggressive or light vacuuming. Telescoping wand and complete on board tool kit.

-Voltage: 115v; Air flow: 104 CFM; By-pass motor: No

-Dust bag volume: 1 gal.; Cable length: 50′

-Vac motor: 1 hp; Brush motor: 1/4 hp; RPM: 5000

Additional Information:

The brush motor will shut down for safety should a clog occur within the brush roller. CRI Approved. Perfect for almost any dry application.


Fibro Filter: Has a special coating made of nano crystals which combats viruses, bacteria, fungi and micro parasites (such as mites) in the used air or in the filter respectively. The filter does not contain volatile substances and does not emit any odors or other emissions.

Sound Pressure Level: 68 dba

Weight Without Accessories: 17 lbs.

Length Suction Hose: 5′

Nominal Width Accessories: 1.5″

Minuteman Vacuum Cleaner L18115 at Vacuum Supply Store
Minuteman Commercial Vacuum Cleaner at Vacuum Supply Store


-The Minuteman Vacuum Cleaner L18115 showcases the legacy of Minuteman, known for producing top-quality cleaning solutions. Renowned for their reliability, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology, Minuteman is a trusted name in commercial cleaning.

– Engineered to excel in high-traffic commercial environments, the Phenom L18115 effortlessly maintains spotless surroundings in hotels, offices, retail spaces, and beyond.

-With an expansive 18-inch cleaning path, the L18115 covers more ground in each pass, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning even in large areas.

-Built to withstand the rigors of frequent use, the L18115 is constructed with commercial-grade durability, ensuring a long-lasting investment.

– Equipped with powerful suction technology, this vacuum cleaner effectively lifts dirt, debris, and allergens from various surfaces, including carpets, hardwood floors, tiles, and more.

– Intuitive controls make operating the vacuum effortless, allowing users to focus on their cleaning tasks without the complexity of intricate settings.

-Designed for maneuverability, the L18115 easily navigates around obstacles and tight spaces, ensuring thorough cleaning in all areas.

-The L18115’s accessible components facilitate maintenance, making it a breeze to keep the vacuum in optimal working condition.

-The Minuteman Vacuum Cleaner L18115 is a preferred choice at vacuum supply stores, endorsed for its proven performance, reliability, and efficiency in commercial settings.

– From routine maintenance to deep cleaning, the L18115 is equipped to handle various cleaning tasks effectively and effortlessly.


Discover the exceptional cleaning power of the Minuteman® Phenom 18 Inch Upright Commercial Grade Vacuum Cleaner L18115, a true powerhouse in the world of cleaning technology. Engineered to perfection, this vacuum sets a new standard for efficiency and reliability. As a proud representative of the Minuteman Vacuum Cleaner L18115 series, it offers unmatched performance for both residential and commercial spaces.

With its commercial-grade durability and robust design, this vacuum effortlessly tackles dirt, debris, and allergens, ensuring a healthier and cleaner environment. Its 18-inch cleaning path covers more ground in less time, boosting productivity and effectiveness. Elevate your cleaning routine with the Minuteman Commercial Vacuum Cleaner, available at Vacuum Supply Store.

Experience the future of cleaning technology with the Minuteman® Phenom 18 Inch Upright Commercial Grade Vacuum Cleaner L18115, your partner in achieving spotless, gleaming results.


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