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Buy Latest Kenmore Vacuum Attachments at Affordable Prices in the USA!

Discover unparalleled cleaning efficiency with our latest collection of Kenmore vacuum attachments, now available at unbeatable prices across the USA! Dive into our extensive range, meticulously crafted to elevate the versatility and effectiveness of your cleaning routine to new heights. Whether you require floor tools, dust brushes, or specialized attachments, our collection offers a comprehensive selection tailored to fit various Kenmore vacuum models.

Discover a Diverse Range of Kenmore Vacuum Attachments

Kenmore Floor Tool: Keep your floors spotless with our Kenmore floor tool attachment. This tool is designed to effortlessly glide across various surfaces from tile to hardwood, ensuring thorough dirt and debris removal for a pristine clean. Its wide head covers larger areas quickly, while its slim profile allows easy access under furniture and tight spaces.

Floor Brush: Our Kenmore floor brush attachment achieves immaculate results on hard floors. Featuring soft, dense bristles, this tool gently sweeps away dust and debris without causing scratches or damage. The natural bristle design adapts to irregular surfaces, ensuring no dirt is left behind, making it ideal for delicate flooring.

Upholstery Tool: Say goodbye to pet hair and dust on your furniture with our Kenmore upholstery tool attachment. Engineered for precision and effectiveness, this tool revitalizes upholstery fabrics with ease. The contoured shape and robust suction power efficiently remove debris from sofas, chairs, and even car interiors, reviving your space in minutes.

Turbo Tool: Tackle tough messes with our Kenmore turbo tool attachment. Equipped with powerful suction and rotating bristles, this tool agitates and lifts dirt from carpets and upholstery for a thorough clean. It’s perfect for high-traffic areas and pet owners, offering a deep clean that rejuvenates fabrics and flooring.

Turbo Floor Tool: Enhance your carpet cleaning with our Kenmore turbo floor tool attachment. Designed for maximum suction and agitation, this tool ensures deep dirt removal for refreshed carpets. The rotating brush deep-cleans fibers from all angles, effortlessly pulling up pet hair, lint, and ground-in dirt.

Telescopic Wand: Extend your cleaning reach with our Kenmore telescopic wand attachment. Compatible with various Kenmore models, this wand allows for customizable cleaning setups and improved maneuverability. Its adjustable length makes it perfect for reaching ceiling corners, fans, and other high areas without a ladder.

Nozzle Assembly: Our Kenmore nozzle assembly attachment makes it easy to replace worn or damaged parts. This essential component restores your vacuum’s performance and ensures efficient dirt pickup for optimal cleaning results. It is easy to attach and works seamlessly with your existing setup to keep your vacuum running smoothly.

Dust Brush: Say goodbye to dust and allergens on surfaces with our Kenmore dust brush attachment. Perfect for cleaning shelves, blinds, and electronics, this tool features soft bristles for gentle yet effective cleaning. The flexible neck allows you to adjust the angle for precise dusting around delicate items and intricate spaces.

Upright Dusting Brush: Achieve a dust-free home with our Kenmore upright dusting brush attachment. This tool ensures thorough dust removal for a healthier living environment and is ideal for reaching high or hard-to-access areas. Its long handle and angled head make cleaning top shelves, door frames, and appliances easy, ensuring your home is spotless from floor to ceiling.

Why Choose Kenmore Vacuum Attachments from Vacuum Supply Store?

When you opt for Kenmore vacuum attachments from Vacuum Supply Store, you choose quality, reliability, and expertise. Our extensive selection of Kenmore attachments undergoes rigorous testing to ensure durability and superior performance. With options ranging from floor tools to specialized brushes, our collection caters to diverse cleaning needs and seamlessly fits various Kenmore vacuum models. Our knowledgeable team is always ready to provide expert guidance, whether you have questions about compatibility or maintenance. Plus, with competitive pricing, convenient shopping, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Vacuum Supply Store makes upgrading your cleaning arsenal a breeze. Trust us to enhance your cleaning routine with top-quality Kenmore vacuum attachments.

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Bees Wax Polish Aerosol Spray 17 oz Multi-Surface Cleaner $16.99
Better Brush Pivoting Grout Brush $24.99
Bissell 12 Power Force upright Hepa with Charcoal Replacement Filter F941 $14.95
Bissell 1650 Febreze Vacuum Post Filter Replacement 16881 $29.99
Bissell 1785 Series Crosswave Replacement Hepa Filter F603 $16.99
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Bissell 2043 Post Motor Filter 1614256 $15.99

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What types of surfaces can I clean with the Kenmore Floor Tool?
The Kenmore Floor Tool is versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces including hardwood, laminate, tile, and low-pile carpet. Its design allows it to glide smoothly across different floorings while removing dirt and debris efficiently.
Are the Kenmore vacuum attachments compatible with all Kenmore vacuum models?
Most of our attachments are compatible with a wide range of Kenmore models. However, we recommend checking the specific compatibility details on each product page to ensure the attachment fits your particular vacuum model.
Can the Kenmore Turbo Tool be used on pet hair?
Absolutely! The Kenmore Turbo Tool is specifically designed to tackle tough messes like pet hair. Its rotating bristles help lift and remove hair from carpets and upholstery effectively.
How do I attach the Kenmore Telescopic Wand to my vacuum?
The Kenmore Telescopic Wand can be easily attached to your vacuum. Simply insert the wand into the hose or accessory holder until it clicks into place. Adjust the length as needed by sliding the extension section in or out.
What is the best attachment for cleaning high ceilings and corners?
The Kenmore Telescopic Wand, when used with the Upright Dusting Brush, is perfect for cleaning high ceilings and corners. Its adjustable length allows you to reach these high areas easily and effectively.
How do I clean the Kenmore Turbo Floor Tool?
To clean the Turbo Floor Tool, remove any tangled hair or debris from the brush roll regularly. You can open the tool according to the instructions provided and wipe down the interior with a damp cloth. Ensure it's completely dry before reassembling.
Where can I purchase these Kenmore vacuum attachments?
Kenmore vacuum attachments can be purchased directly from our website or through authorized retailers. Check our online store for the latest availability and pricing.