Vacuum Filters

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Revitalize Your Vacuum’s Performance with Our Premium Vacuum Cleaner Filters

Experience the ultimate in vacuum performance enhancement with our top-notch Vacuum Cleaner Filters. Discover a wide array of replacement filters designed to elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of your vacuum cleaner, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for you and your family.

Explore our extensive range of replacement filters:

  1. Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Filter Kit XFF500: Restore your Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away to its peak performance with this high-quality filter kit.
  2. Shark Rocket Filter Kit XFFV300: Keep your Shark Rocket vacuum running smoothly with this convenient filter kit.
  3. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Filter Kit XFF350: Ensure optimal suction and filtration with this essential filter kit for your Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum.
  4. Dirt Devil F101 Hand Vac Filter: Maintain the efficiency of your Dirt Devil hand vac with this reliable filter.
  5. Pre Motor Filter ENV F993 for Dyson DC14 DC15 DC08 DC05: Enhance the filtration efficiency of your Dyson vacuum with this pre-motor filter.
  6. Kenmore EF-1 HEPA Filter: Capture dust and allergens with ease using this superior HEPA filter for Kenmore vacuums.
  7. Shark Navigator Filter Kit XFF80: Upgrade your Shark Navigator vacuum with this convenient filter kit for improved performance.
  8. HEPA Filter 920769-01 for Dyson DC41 DC46 DC65 DC66 UP13 UP20: Optimize the filtration capabilities of your Dyson vacuum with this HEPA filter.
  9. Kenmore HEPA Media Filter EF-11: Enjoy cleaner air and improved filtration with this high-efficiency media filter for Kenmore vacuums.
  10. Black & Decker EVF100 DustBuster Filter: Enhance the cleaning efficiency of your Black & Decker DustBuster with this reliable filter.
  11. CF-1 Canister Vacuum Filter for Kenmore: Keep your Kenmore canister vacuum performing at its best with this essential filter.
  12. Kenmore HEPA Media Filter EF-9: Breathe easier with this HEPA media filter designed to capture fine particles and allergens.
  13. EF-2 HEPA Media Filter 86880: Improve air quality and vacuum performance with this HEPA media filter for select vacuum models.
  14. Shark Lift Away Filter Kit XFF680: Upgrade your Shark Lift Away vacuum with this comprehensive filter kit for superior filtration.

Elevate your cleaning routine and enjoy cleaner, fresher air with our efficient Vacuum Cleaner Filters. Explore our range today and experience the difference in cleanliness and performance!