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Keep your space immaculately clean with our comprehensive selection of Clarke Vacuum Bags, designed to meet the needs of both residential and commercial spaces. At Vacuum Supply Store, we offer a robust assortment of Clarke vacuum cleaner bags, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your Clarke vacuum model. Our Clarke vacuum bags are crafted to provide superior filtration, capturing even the most stubborn dirt and dust to leave your floors spotless. With a focus on durability and fit, our bags are essential for maintaining the performance of your Clarke vacuum. From the Clarke Comfort Pak vacuum bags to the highly sought-after Clarke CarpetMaster 112 vacuum bags, our selection is curated to ensure that your cleaning process is efficient and effective.

Clarke Vacuum Cleaner Bags: Uncompromising Quality for Clean Air

Immerse yourself in the world of high-caliber Clarke vacuum cleaner bags, designed to maintain your vacuum’s efficiency while capturing even the finest particles. Our selection caters to a variety of models, each promising to enhance your vacuum’s ability to improve indoor air quality. Invest in these premium bags to ensure that your space remains pristine and allergen-free.

Clarke 10 Quart Comfort Pak Vacuum Bags: Spacious and Ergonomic

The Clarke Comfort Pak series is synonymous with convenience, and our 10-quart vacuum bags are no exception. They are crafted to hold a significant amount of debris, enabling prolonged cleaning sessions. Designed with user comfort in mind, these bags make vacuuming an effortless task without compromising on capacity or cleaning capability.

Clarke Alto Vacuum Bags: Tailored for Tough Environments

When it comes to the Clarke Alto range, performance in demanding conditions is key. That’s why our Clarke Alto vacuum bags are engineered with exceptional durability and advanced filtration technology. They are ideal for commercial and industrial settings, where robust performance and longevity are essential.

Clarke Backpack Vacuum Bags: Mobility Meets Efficacy

Maximize the portability and convenience of your Clarke backpack vacuum with our specialized bags. These are formulated for ease of movement, ensuring that the vacuum remains lightweight and comfortable, while also providing superior dust capture, making them perfect for active cleaning environments.

Clarke Carpet Master Vacuum Bags: Designed for Deep Clean

Keep your Clarke Carpet Master at the forefront of carpet cleaning technology with our dedicated vacuum bags. These are explicitly designed to handle the deep-cleaning demands of carpets, ensuring that every fiber is attended to and that your floors are left spotless and hygienic.

Clarke Carpetmaster 112 Vacuum Bags: Precision-Fit for Enhanced Cleaning

Opt for our Clarke Carpetmaster 112 vacuum bags to guarantee a precision fit and exceptional dust collection for your specific model. These bags are integral to maintaining the effectiveness of your Carpetmaster 112, providing a clean exhaust and ensuring that your cleaning process is as efficient as possible.

Clarke CAV 12 Vacuum Bags: Essential for Pristine Commercial Spaces

The Clarke CAV 12 vacuum bags are an essential component for maintaining the cleanliness of commercial venues. Designed for an optimal fit and supreme filtration, these bags are a cornerstone in keeping your business or commercial space dust-free and presentable.

Clarke CM30 Vacuum Bags: Consistent Cleaning Excellence

Select our Clarke CM30 vacuum bags to ensure your machine performs consistently at its peak. With these bags, your CM30 will continue to deliver powerful cleaning performance, session after session, maintaining the high standards of cleanliness expected in professional settings.

Clarke Comfort Pak Vacuum Bags: Ergonomic Design, Superior Clean

Experience the fusion of comfort and efficiency with the Clarke Comfort Pak vacuum bags. These bags are crafted for ergonomic use, allowing for a cleaning experience that is both effective and comfortable, so you can maintain productivity without sacrificing quality.

Clarke Turf Vacuum Bags 650602: Durable for Outdoor Challenges

Our Clarke Turf vacuum bags are specifically designed to meet the challenges of outdoor cleaning. Robust and capable, they are well-suited to collecting leaves, debris, and other outdoor messes, ensuring your exterior spaces are as well-kept as your interiors.

Clarke Vacuum Bags 50721B: OEM Precision for Peak Performance

Choose the OEM Clarke Vacuum Bags 50721B for a perfect fit and optimal performance in your Clarke vacuum. These bags are the manufacturer’s choice, assuring that your vacuum operates at its best with genuine parts designed for maximum efficiency.

Clarke Vacuum Bags 650602: Heavy-Duty Cleanliness for Every Use

Our heavy-duty Clarke Vacuum Bags 650602 are designed to meet the unique requirements of Clarke vacuums. With these bags, you can expect a thorough clean with every use, ensuring that your space remains spotless and professional, ready to impress at a moment’s notice.




Riccar RAH-6 Type A HEPA Vacuum Bags – Vibrance – R-Series Replacement $19.99
Riccar RAH-6 Type A HEPA Vacuum Bags – Vibrance – R-Series $19.79
Riccar RAH-6 Type A HEPA Replacement Vacuum Bags – Vibrance – R-Series $19.99
Riccar Radiance Type X HEPA Vacuum Bags RXH-6 $21.99
Riccar Radiance R40 R40P Replacement HEPA Premiume Cloth Vacuum Bags 9 Pack By V.A.C. $18.99
Riccar R30 Brilliance Vacuum Bags (18 Bags) $64.99
Riccar R25 HEPA Vacuum Bags R25H-6 $32.99
Riccar R20 Vibrance Vacuum Bags (18 Bags) $64.99
Riccar R20 Vibrance HEPA Vacuum Bags RMH-6 $26.99
Riccar Brilliance R30 HEPA Replacement Vacuum Bags RNH-6 $23.99
Replacement Riccar TYPE A HEPA Vacuum Bags 9 Pack $16.99
Replacement Riccar R25 HEPA Vacuum Bags R25H – 9 pack $26.99
Regina HDU200 / HDU500 Vacuum Bags (3 pack) $14.99
Pullman Holt B700096 Vacuum Bags (12 pack) $14.99
ProTeam Pro 6 Backpack Vacuum Bags 10pk ECC331 $18.99
Proteam Hummer Trailblazer Speed 56004 Triple S Speedster 600 1000 Vacuum Bags ECC167 10pk $22.99
Proteam Backpack 6QT Replacement Vacuum Bags 10pk 181 $15.99
Proteam Backpack 10QT Replacement Vacuum Bags 10pk 180 $16.99
Powr Flite PF90 Vacuum Bags (9 pack) $16.99
Powr Flite PF90 Vacuum Bags (3 pack) $8.99
Powr Flite PF90 Cloth Vacuum Bags (3 pack) $11.99
Powr Flite PF5 Vacuum Bags (9 pack) MM $16.99
Powr Flite PF5 Vacuum Bags (3 pack) $8.99

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How often should you change Clarke vacuum bags?
For optimal performance, change your Clarke vacuum bags once they are two-thirds full or if you notice a decrease in suction power.
What makes Clarke Carpetmaster 112 vacuum bags unique?
Clarke Carpetmaster 112 vacuum bags are custom-made for a precise fit, offering superior dust retention for high-traffic carpet cleaning.
Where can I find Clarke Comfort Pak vacuum bags?
At Vacuum Supply Store, we stock a wide range of Clarke vacuum bags, including the Comfort Pak series, available for immediate purchase.
Can Clarke Alto vacuum bags be used for multiple models?
Clarke Alto vacuum bags are designed for specific Alto models. Always check compatibility to ensure optimal fit and performance.
How often do I need to replace Clarke backpack vacuum bags?
Replace your Clarke backpack vacuum bags when full or suction diminishes to maintain maximum efficiency during cleaning operations.
Are Clarke vacuum bags 50721B the right fit for my machine?
Yes, if your machine is specified to use the 50721B model bags, they are crafted to provide the perfect fit and superior dust capture.




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