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Kirby Front Wheel Hub Cap Black (2 pack)


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Kirby Front Wheel Hub Cap Black (2 pack)


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Pair of black colored hub caps for the Front wheels of Kirby G series models.

Fit Kirby vacuum front wheels on models:

  • Avalir
  • G 2001 Limited Edition (G2001)
  • G 2000 Limited Edition (G2000)
  • G6 and G6D
  • Gsix (G six)
  • G5 and G5D
  • G4 and G4D
  • Generation 6
  • Generation 5
  • Generation 4

Kirby is retiring colored parts for the G4 and G5. All replacement parts being made are now black.

Replaces Kirby G4 part 131893S and 131893. Also replaces Kirby G5 part 131897S and 131897.


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