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Kenmore HEPA Media Filter – EF-9 – KC38KDWCZV07


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Kenmore HEPA Media Filter – EF-9 – KC38KDWCZV07


Kenmore HEPA Media Filter – EF-9 – KC38KDWCZV07

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Kenmore HEPA Media Filter – EF-9 –

This washable exhaust filter (part number KC38KDWCZV07 or retail number 53296) is for vacuums. Kenmore EF-9 HEPA Media Vacuum Cleaner Exhaust Air Filters provide filtration for various types of Kenmore Pet Friendly, Progressive and other select vacuums. Please be sure to check your manual and machine prior to ordering, to ensure proper fit. HEPA Media filters are meant to filter the air traveling between the household appliance and the air inside the home. They are designed to filter allergens and improve the overall efficiency of the appliance. HEPA products are recommended for minimizing dust, pet dander and other common allergens in homes where people suffer from allergies and respiratory conditions.

Compatible with model number(s): 10065, 22614, 21814, 31140, 31150, 81714, BU1005, BU1017, BU1018


Part# 53296


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