O Cedar®

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Enhance your cleaning routine with our range of O Cedar mops. Choose the O Cedar MaxiPlus Microfiber Loop-End Mop – Large for large areas. Pick the MaxiClean Cut-End Mops, available in various sizes for demanding tasks at Vacuum Supply Store. Need a dusting solution? The O Cedar® MaxiDust™ Loop-End Dust Mop – 36″ Green is your go-to. We also offer O Cedar® Cotton Cut-End Mopheads in 24 oz. and 16 oz. Sizes, narrow and wide options, perfect for everyday cleaning. Go for the O Cedar® MaxiRayon™ Cut-End Mop in 20 oz for specialised tasks. And 16 oz. Sizes, ensuring streak-free surfaces. Trust O Cedar® quality for effortless cleaning, whether at home or for commercial use. Our mop range has you covered!