Change your filters Make sure and change your vacuum filters regularly. Your vacuum filter captures the micro particles before being released back out into your home. These filters get clogged with dirt and dust, limiting airflow to your vacuum cleaner. This causes performance problems and can also be harmful to your vacuum’s motor.

Maintaining your Dyson

Just like with your car, there are going to be parts that need to be replaced to keep your unit working in “tip top” shape. Here are some simple maintenance tips that can help limit the abuse your vacuum takes.
Cut the hair and string that becomes wrapped around your brushroll. This will help the lifespan of your roller as hair and string melt on the edges of the roller, causing the brush roll to seize and stop spinning freely.
Take your unit in for a service at least every 100 hrs (aprox. 2yrs). This good professional cleaning will make sure there are no clogs and your vacuum always has maximum airflow.

Make sure and keep your dust bin empty and your filters clean. Again these are the main causes of your vacuum cleaner using airflow. this can cause a dip in performance (suction) and can stress out the motor causing it to burn out quickly.

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Dyson Vacuum Filters and Parts